Football is a captivating kind of sports that drives fans crazy during the games and afterwards. There are thousands of teams all over the world: some of them are domestic, some others conquer the world fan love. Let’s focus on the latter and highlight 5 most popular football clubs on the planet. The list is presented not as a rating, but just as a collection of the loudest names of the industry.

Recent Stats: Most Popular Football Clubs

    • Manchester United.
      Man U keeps the post of one of the most popular football clubs for a long time. And its fame goes far beyond the UK – it’s the most famous team in Asia and the US, too. If you unite all the fans of the team, you will get about 660 million people. The FC has over 75 million followers on social media, and the shirts of Manchester United are sold at the rate of around 1.2-1.6 million annually.
    • The club has got most of its fame during the latest 10-12 years with a number of considerable trophies. Among them, there are 3 Premier League titles, Europa and Champions Leagues, and much more. Chelsea ticket (link to post #2) are usually sold within several minutes, as many fans of the team want to experience their brilliant game live. One of the most popular football clubs has about 50 million followers in social nets, and the shirts are sold at the rate of around 900,000 a year.
    • Barcelona hits the world of football with an unbelievable success due to the talents they have in the team. They got the victory in the Champions League 3 times and played at their best during Spanish La Liga, winning a great amount of cups. The team is one of the most appreciated in social nets with over 100 million people as followers. The shirts with the colors of the team are sold at the rate of about 122,000 a year.
  • Real Madrid.
    One of the most popular Football Clubs of the world, Real Madrid has a unique history and success. Their trophy collection includes 10 European titles, as well as a huge number of victories in Spanish La Liga. This is also one of the richest clubs in the whole list, always in a competition with Manchester United. The club has around 100 million followers on the most popular social media services, and about 1 million shirts are sold annually.
  • The club is always there to steal the view, as they are quite a consistent team in Premier League. They have become one of the most popular football clubs in the latest 10 years, and their fan base is growing exponentially every year. They have about 42 million fans following their official accounts in social media. Their red-white shirts are bought roughly 850,00 times a year.

The 5 most popular football clubs list is changing only rarely, usually with the teams competing with one another. Barcelona and Real Madrid are very close to the ratings of Manchester United, which often makes one of the two Spanish teams take the first place and then move back again.

The Influence of Football Popularity

The love for football and its popularity has been increasing for a long time, raising new generations of fans. Some of them keep watching the games and know everything about every top team. Others go beyond and strive to become as talented as their favorite players. There may be a future Ronaldo or Messi practicing in the yard nearby, preparing to become a part of the football future. It’s a very active kind of sport that keeps people in good shape and evokes the feeling of excitement, which adds up to the value of the game.

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