We are a group of football enthusiasts who happen to like the same football team – Porto. Here on FC Porto Online we post information and news about our favorite team. We also update all other fans and visitors on the upcoming events. We have created this website so we could gather more people with the same passion to football, and especially one of the best teams of Portugal.

What We Do

We gather information from official sources and our own knowledge and write articles to update the website. We post about:

  • FC Porto.
    Mostly, we write about the team that got us into football. Porto is one of the “Big Three” FCs of Portugal, which is a huge achievement. So, if you want to find information on the establishment of the club and its activity through ages, you are in the right place!
  • Other teams.
    We respect other teams from all over the world, so we want to make our website more diverse by writing about other FCs, too. If you’re a fan of any other football team, you may find some information about it here. If you don’t, contact us and we will do our best to cover your favorite topic.
  • Football overall.
    We all are united by football, no matter what our favorite team is. That’s why we also write about the game, its history, different techniques, stadiums, tickets, and more. The more we know about the industry, the more adequate our judgement is.

Learn More About Us

If you need some more information about FC Porto, football, or this particular fan club, contact us at once. We will do our best to compose a sufficient response and send it to you very soon. Also, if you know something about our subject that we don’t have here, write us about it. We appreciate help and contributions from our readers, and yours can become the most valuable!