Our Favorite Team

FC Porto is a professional team that plays in Primiera Liga, which is the most important championship in Portugal played since 1934. The club itself was established in autumn of 1893 and is still active, even though there were ups and downs to its success. Porto is the member of the Big Three of Portuguese football, meaning it’s one of the best teams of the country.

To be more precise, the team is the second most powerful one in Portugal. It has won 74 trophies, among which 67 are domestic and 7 are international. This is the only team of Portugal to have won the Intercontinental Cup, UEFA Cup/Europa League, and UEFA Super Cup. The club has appeared the UEFA Champions’ League group stage for the total of 21 times. It stands near such football giants as Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The Team’s Crest

The crest we see nowadays was approved in 1922 and made by Augusto Baptista Ferreira – a talented designer. An interesting fact is that he also was a player for FC Porto at that time. Before that, there was another crest that showed a blue football of old style with white seams and the letters “FCP” on it.

The Team’s Kit

During the first official games and trainings of FC Porto, its players wore completely different uniforms. There was no special pattern to the sportswear, but this trouble was resolved with the help of Monteiro da Costa in 1909. The statutes of the team were updated with another rule: the players of the team had to wear a shirt with blue vertical stripes and black shorts. Footwear was of a personal choice, though; the team had to appear on every game and training in such a uniform.

Speaking about big companies making kits for the team, Adidas became the first one in 1975. In 1983, the team signed a contract with a Portuguese company Revigrés, which became their first official shirt sponsor. After 20 years, they have got a new deal from Portugal Telecom, but Revigrés are still the team’s partners.

The Team’s Ground

Porto is currently playing at the Estádio do Dragão, which became their official ground in 2003. Now, all the domestic matches of the team are played there, unless they are invited someplace else. The name of the stadium correlates with the crest and the nickname of the team. Earlier, Porto had played at the Estádio das Antas that was built for the team and was its home for 52 years.